Thank you for sharing your experiences.


The moment you enter Rachel and Renato’s space you instantly feel connected and transformed to a calm nature. Every session I leave feeling lighter, realigned and filled back up.
Professional, compassionate and a true healing touch by this husband and wife team. Cannot recommend them enough!
Emilie Petras, Ontario

As a BodyTalker and energy worker I am always looking for “more”. I do house intense clearings regularly but with the volume of clients I interact with, this time I needed something more and couldn’t figure it out myself.
Rachel mentioned she could do it with her Biofeedback machine, intrigued I said lets do it!! Fantastic, loved it so much I ordered another one a week later. Time shifted, business shifted and I have even more energy than before.
If you think there is something wrong with you, get your home checked out too, after all it is an integral part of your own energy environment.
You’ll be glad you did!!
Jessy Morrison, Ontario

Rachel was professional, helpful, organized, kind and very well informed. I have faced some health challenges recently and Rachel with her bio-feedback equipment and her extensive knowledge of this modality made this journey so much easier for me. She went above and beyond to make sure that I was well taken care of. I highly recommend Rachel and her kind and very professional approach. She made a difference in my life and I am very grateful !
Dorota Rutkowska, Ontario

Having Rachel Rossano do the treatments was an incredibly relaxing and calming experience! It took only 2 sessions to really feel the calmness within and each further session brought on more and more awareness and peace. So grateful to have had Rachel as my practitioner for this wonderful experience!
Karen Hillock, Ontario

Oh my gosh Rachel! You definitely picked up on what’s going on in my house. I’m so blown away!
I came home this evening, and I can feel a shift. The energy feels a little lighter! You’ll have to stay tuned!! I’m genuinely so excited for what’s to come!!! Your report gave me the chills just reading it. So powerful!
Sandra, Texas USA

Thank you so much. I feel better already that the energy has been addressed. I could feel something was off for some time. Overall the information feels right on.  In regards to the spiritual presence, I am so grateful you were able to nudge them out and protect my home and family. I am so glad our space was responsive. I am so grateful for your help!

When I got home and was milling around, I truly feel like I could tell a difference, especially in my son’s room. I feel much better knowing he is more protected.

Carli, Texas USA

Just wanted to let you know I’ve been smoke free since our therapy session and everything is going great! So thank you for helping me through it!
Matthew, Ontario

As always you are amazing!! I find this work so fascinating. I just love the work you do so much! I can feel your empathy and compassion shine through and having you guide my home to harmony and joy is such a privilege, thank you
Sue, Ontario

Hi Rachel, [in response to water geopathic stress] our pond has all of a sudden grown lily pads. We even had a lily flower, so beautiful!

And our house feels more like home, I finally got the energy to organize and make it more ours. I’m sure the energy shifting helped with that. I do feel spirit at night, just like you noted!

Brittany, Ontario

Thank you for the house clearing Rachel. You brought up so many things that you never could have known otherwise. Feels Very relaxed and clear, peaceful also. Very interesting work 
Maureen, Ontario

Renato and Rachel are phenomenal healers! From the moment you enter their space , you instantly feel this tranquility come over you. You are transformed. Your mind and body healing journey starts.
I have struggled with chronic severe -back/neck/ shoulder pain, for over 20years!
**Renato has helped me heal, tremendously!!
It is the first time in years, I am pain free for days.
Love you guys!
Look forward to my massages, and energy healing journey
Varsha Singh, Ontario

I had the Energy Trilogy with biofeedback, PEMF and color therapy with Rachel. She was amazing and professional. I asked for clearings for my self confidence and it came through like gang busters at my job interview today. I would highly recommend this therapy for any blocks you have in your life right now.
Amy Bennett

Rachel has an altruistic nature and definitely works from her heart. Authentic in every sense of the word, she is on a mission to assist people in their healing journeys and help them become the very best versions of themselves.
Rachel is knowledgable and confident in all the modalities and products she offers. I have been fortunate to try her products and experience her services.
And every time it’s been a truly positive experience.
I highly recommend Rachel to anyone that is ready to embark on the path to healing and good health. She’s the real deal!
Karen, Barrie ON

Rachel and Renato at Let Health Flow are highly skilled and extremely professional. They are truly forerunners in the field of wellness.
I have been blessed to enjoy a multitude of their services and each and every one has left me feeling vitalized and balanced.
I cannot find the words to fully express my gratitude for their heartfelt care and the value they have added to my wellbeing. I honestly see them as a joint force in assisiting with all aspects of my emotional and physcial health.
I highly recommend you try one of their services today.
Peace, gratitude and light.
Sheila Trecartin

Renato is amazing. I first saw Renato for massage a couple of years ago. He is, in my humble opinion, the best. He is extremely respectful, he explains what he is working on and why and is very open to feedback and adjusting accordingly.
His knowledge of his profession is incredible and always knows where to start based on my description. I always walk away from one of his massages feeling 100 times better.
Recently I saw Renato for the Neurostim treatment to help reduce some scar tissue from an incision. Again, he was extremely respectful, explaining as he went along and patiently worked with me throughout the treatment. He is an essential partner in my overall health path and highly recommend him.
Would like to also recommend Rachel. She has been helping me on my health journey for a few years now with Biofeedback sessions. I can’t say enough about her. She is kind, compassionate, understanding and always approaches the sessions in a non-judgmental and supportive manner.
The insight she has provided me from these sessions is bar none. The summary she provides after each session is my guide to base my next steps on until I book the next session with her. She as well is an essential partner in my overall health path and can’t recommend her enough.
Melody Dixon

I really wanted to quit smoking. But it wasn’t as easy as I thought it would be. I was told about Rachel but I was the biggest skeptic out there. I became desperate and decided to give it a try.
I did the Biofeedback with Rachel and it worked. I have now been smoke free since December 6th 2019.
Give it a try!!! What do you have to lose?
Michelle Sudeyko

Let Health Flow is my go-to for everything health related. Every scio session with Rachel is the balancing my body needs for optimum health.
Rachel is a wealth of knowledge. She is caring and kind with a huge heart. She will do everything she can to help resolve any health related issues. Love love love her!
After and massage treatment with Renato, I feel so completely relaxed and amazing. He is a genuine and kind person with an amazing talent. You haven’t had a massage until you experience one from him!
Samara Parent

As a healthcare provider, I find Rachel and Renato’s services crucial in any healing journey. As a team, they emit such love, understanding, and compassion that is very hard to find. the Quantum Biofeedback services they have to offer should be a part of everyones journey- no matter what life has thrown at you to heal from. In order to truly heal, you need to look past the physical ailments and this service can and will help you.
One session with Rachel feels like every therapy service mashed into one session. Thats how much benefit there is. You leave feeling BETTER than your “best days”.
Rachel’s guidance elevates your experience. You need her just as much as you need her modality. Her office sparks so much joy and healing energy. You will finally feel understood and cared for and you will finally understand what empathy really is.
The Biofeedback machine (SICO) tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about yourself on every level- OBJECTIVELY. I cried after my session for how beautiful I felt.
LetHealthFlow gives you your power and life back. I recommend their services to all my patients. If you want to heal, please make sure they are the ones facilitating it.
Sarah Campanico

I have used the services of Let Health Flow multiple times as have members of my family.
There is a very good reason why I trust this part of my healing to Rachel and Renato, they are caring, talented, compassionate and knowledgeable health practitioners.
The Biofeedback sessions have been an integral part of my rehabilitation for post surgical complications and imbalances. I leave the sessions with greater clarity and awareness of how I can complement the brain training with nutrition and natural remedies to support my body’s recovery process. As a practitioner,
Rachel consistently sets a very calm and relaxed atmosphere. She is both professional and sensitive to the needs of her clients. It’s clear she cares about the health of her clients sincerely and she offers a very well rounded experience.
I have also utilized the services of Renato Rossano, RMT for both massage therapy and Raindrop technique sessions. He also sets a therapeutic yet relaxing atmosphere and I leave his sessions feeling very balanced and refreshed.
I cannot recommend Let Health Flow strongly enough. Rachel and Renato provide such unique and valuable services to the community, and I urge others to utilize them to improve their health.


Vanessa Campanico