Self care is not selfish, it’s selfless.



It is with great honor that we present these carefully and lovingly curated packages to support the Five Chinese Elements.

Each element has its own characteristics and associations with different aspect of nature, such as season, colour, organs, emotions and so on.

Each box that we carry supports some of these characteristics in certains ways, use these as part of your toolkit each and every day, to assist in the flow of health.

Infused GemStone Bracelets

Custom imprinted gemstones | $35

Using the same premise of the custom essences, this takes a fun spin on wearing your remedies rather than ingesting them.

Infused into handmade diffuser gemstone bracelets, custom frequencies are selected based on your own unique energetic imprint.

Along with the healing frequency of the gemstones themselves, this aligning energetic essence will not only look good, but also assist you to feel better.


Stillness of the mind helps clear out excess clutter that clouds our judgment and brainwaves. It helps calm your nervous system, regulate your breathing and sets your tone for the day.

Join us with these exclusive Let Health Flow meditations, make sure to bring your a friend with you.


Surrender, trust, believe.

Sometimes we all need to lean on eachother to learn these complex lessons in life.

Join us as we work together to unify our understanding, practical knowledge and useful applications to take into our day-to-day lives. 

Custom Essences

10 ml custom rollerballs are $20
15 ml custom remedies are $25
30 ml custom remedies are $30
50 ml sprays are $35

Energetically created remedies and essences are tailored to your specific energy.

Via Quantum Biofeedback, we use specific frequencies that are showing as beneficial to your own unique energetic imprint.

Use a remedy or essence for support in between biofeedback sessions, or just for general use.


Filled with nature’s concentrated goodness – seeds contain the most naturally occurring vitamins and minerals found in plants, and actually hold up to 30 times the nutrition than the plant they grow into.

With strong third party testing, some of these fomulations boast an 80% reduction in inflammation and 67% reduction in cytokines and have outstanding testimonials to back up the science.

Essential Oils

10 ml rollerball: $20
15 ml serum: $25
30 ml serum: $35
50 ml spray: $35

Quality means everything when it comes to essential oils, we strive for everything we work with to be of the highest frequency as well as therapeutic value, which is why we work with Young Living essential oils.

With custom integration into your treatment or session, these oils add an element of nature that resonates from within.


Biofeedback sessions show energetic reactivities to nutrients, vitamins, minerals amino acids, and more.

As we are always asked what product we use, we decided to add a special page with links to products that we personally use.