We all emit an energetic pulse; our bio-electric body.


What are you doing to manage the stress that accumulates in your body?

Where does stress lie in your body?

We work with a very advanced energetic device that stimulates clients to 11,000 plus, frequency representations of fungus, virus, mold, bacteria, vitamins, minerals, amino acids, enzymes etc. It even stimulates and measures reactions to emotions and 1000’s of different forms of remedies for various forms stress.

This process allows a subjective window into the seeing and understanding the potential stress of the body.

Our bodies are complex systems

Holism recognizes that the body is a complex adaptive system built to manage the stress of our environment. When various forms of stress remain in adaptive states without resolution the body is weakened and eventually as the body accumulates more stress symptoms of discomfort and disease become present.

It’s all about the release of stress

Experiencing stress without releasing it is a depleting combination. We work therapeutically with the body in support of stress release. When the body is properly nurtured and supported we believe that it is better enabled to do what the body is designed to do, which is of course to heal itself.

We offer many custom programs to suit your individual needs.

Stress Relief and Rejuvination

Designed for the overworker, the pillar of stability in the home, the carrier of ALL. This session is for you.

Soak in the nurturing energy from PEMF, opening all 70+ trillion cells to enhanced microcirulation and detoxification.

Align to the energetic training from biofeedback, enabling the release of stressful patterns that do not serve you.

Absorb the magical energetic information from color therapy as color light washes over you throughout the session.

Synchronize the brain with binaural beats and drift away into enhanced theta relaxation brainwaves.

And if that isn’t relaxing enough, the strategically placed hot towels will lull you into a deep state of bliss.

Everyone has a different pathway to their own rejuvination, we simply follow the lead of your individuality to get there.


Brainwave Training

Our brainwaves set the tone for our body. As the hormonal control center, all physiological instruction is executed from this location. What happens if this center is weighted down with 12 layers of emotional patterns and an unbalanced firing pattern? Will the instruction sent to the body be affected? When your brain is incoherent, your entire system is incoherent.

This training attempts to clear these patterns and re-establish new ones, leaving you with less ‘weight’ in the mind and calmer functioning brainwaves. Which leads to a calmer functioning body.

The session doesn’t end there, experience brain entrainment with PEMF and color therapy finalized by an energetic balancing of the right and left hemispheres of the brain.

Emotional Stress and Trauma Release

If you had to classify a building block of all things that set one out of alignment, stagnant emotions or buried trauma would be the base.

This session works with the hormones of stress, the vagus nerve and your overall nervous system. As well as focused heart-centered breathing to induce a relaxation effect on the nerves.  A forced re-start.

In depth work is done in the emotional panel as we work through acute and chronic emotional states.

Soothing aromatherapy will be selected and applied or diffused based on your unique needs as shown in the session.

In some cases, Neurostim will be utilized to assist energy moving along the meridians and stagnant emotional energy out of the body.

You aren’t going home empty handed as you will take home a custom energetic emotional support remedy, created during your session, atuned to your own personal energy imprint.

Nutrition and Absorption Alignment

Enjoy an hour of energetic absorption, in this biofeedback session we will focus on vitamins, minerals, amino acids and working with the organs of absorption and elimiation.

Waves of PEMF will be applied directly over the digestive tract, enhancing microcirculation and detoxification.

Bring in your supplements for checking whether they are a good energetic match for you or not on the biofeedback test plate.

Take home a packet of a powerful seed nutritive that we work with, for anti-inflammation and liver detox. An extra nutritional boost for your body for when you get home.

Smoking Cessation

This potent and custom program works with your addiction and craving centers to create a new brainwave pattern that supports smoke-free behaviours.

Do not smoke for 2 hours prior to this session to allow your body to go into that craving state. Then officially say goodbye by having your very last cigarette here, this is the programs way of understanding your unique smoke-filled body.

With amazing testimonials and results, clients find themselves officially smoke-free after this 30 minute session. Results do vary, but the stronger your mind is set to quit, the stronger the results.

What to expect

Biofeedback sessions are a relaxing one hour. For most sessions you will receive a high level summary via email after your appointment – reviewing some of the stresses, energy training that was done and self care suggestions based on your individual needs as per the device.

During the session you will either lie down on the massage table, or recline in the chair.

You are connected to the device via a head harness, wrist and ankle bands. This delivers low voltage frequency that you may or may not feel. Everyone is different. There may be a slight tingling, opening or flashes of light experienced at various points during the session.

It is all non-invasive and pain free. The most common sensation is an overall relaxation and feeling ‘lighter’.


Custom remedies, essences and sprays

This device is designed with homeopathic signatures which means that we can create custom remedies, essences and sprays just for you. These are energetically created, then succussed and are tailored to your unique system.

Use a remedy, essence or spray for support in between biofeedback sessions, or just for general wellbeing.

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