Let Health Flow exclusive guided meditations.


Stillness of the mind

It helps clear out excess clutter that clouds our judgment on so many things. It also helps to calm your nervous system, regulate your breathing and set your tone for the day.

Join us in this experience, and bring a friend with you.

Letting Go

Meditation #1

An exclusive and guided meditation to assist with a gentle emotional release, with the assistance from essential oils.

Application of your oils should be accompanied by mental focus and relaxation. Focus on allowing depleted emotions to shift up and out of you, and filling that new-found space with uplifting emotions and visualizations.

Find a comfortable and quiet spot where you will have no distractions. You may prefer to wear headphones to listen to the meditation.

Have your Young Living essential oils close by and uncapped.
You will only need 2-3 drops of oil per section.

Enjoy this 30 minute meditation.