Quality and integrity support the true medicinal qualities of essential oils.

Quality and integrity

Essential oils are part of almost all of our treatments and sessions here at Let Health Flow, which is why we ensure to use the best quality possible.

Essential oils are the lifeblood of a plant. What is distilled out of each plant, root, shrub, flower, fruit and rind are the key proponents that keep that particular plant healthy, alive and thriving.

These properties are called consituents and are what make each essential oil unique, not only by their aroma, but by their medicinal qualities.

We use only 100% therapeutic grade essential oils – this means that they have been grown, distilled and bottled with the highest standards, run through labs to ensure constitent testing proves their medicinal quality, and that there are no adulterating synthetics, chemicals or extenders added in that will do harm, rather than good.

Because essential oils are extremely absorbant and have the ability to permeate the bloodstream in 2 minutes and some actually even cross the blood-brain barrier, there should be knowledge of your quality of oil.

The lower quality oils also have the ability to cross these coveted barriers in our systems, except they can carry hamrful substances with them, harmful substances into areas like our bloodstream and blood-brain barrier are dangerous and undesirable.

All warnings aside on what grade you use, essential oils are a fascinating and wonderful addition in our practice and also our own personal wellness cabinet.

Bring this essential nature into your own home.

If you need these in your home the way we do, we do have a few oils available within our clinic for purchase.

We can also place an order for you, or you can sign up for your own free wholesale account – there are no obligations. 

You can order your own here.