Balance your body with the full spectrum of visible light, each color addressing a distinct need.


Color vitamins and minerals of light

To live a balanced lifestyle we need to increase our energy level through exercise, fresh air, the food we eat and drink, and from sunlight’s color nutrients. Even fruits and vegetables contain elements of this vital energy. Each color has its own qualities acting as a necessary life-giving source.

What Is Color Therapy?

Our whole existence on Earth is colorized by the impact of light shining on an object and reflecting back light. We all have the same need for this natural resource.

Colors aren’t just meaningless parts of our environment. They can change the way we feel and react, they set a mood by calming a space or energizing your mind.

Color therapy can be considered another form of energy therapy – when you break items down into energy, color falls into a special category.

Our equipement is made from the finest and most natural materials possible; minerals and natural stone. A specific light is applied to a mineral screen to simulate the closest natural color light possible.  Also referred to as crystal light therapy.


Color carries energetic information.

All energy carries information. If you think of your a radio station carrying musical information to your radio. It is carried across town on invisible waves of radio frequency. It’s a fascinating way to think about energy waves and frequency.

Each color vibrates at a different frequency which is measured scientifically by waves. The closer and taller the waves, the higher the frequency. The further and shorter the waves, the lower the frequency.

With that, each color also carries information, as we understand from the radiowaves example.


Try Color Therapy at Let Health Flow

Your body innately knows how to assimilate color information and use it to it’s advantage. Everything is made up of color.

The goal of color therapy is to provide the body with overall support and attempt to refill depletions of color (for example an active digestive system pulls yellow from the abdomen, a depression tends to be an over-abundance of cool colors in the brain)

Color therapy can also support your process during meditation and spiritual journeys.

Color therapy is currently offered as a stand-alone session at Let Health Flow or paired with other energy sessions like Quantum Biofeedback.