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Relax and let your subconsious do the talking. What's the topic? Your health.

The Quantum SCIO - Scientific Consciousness Interface Operations System

The SCIO biofeedback system was designed to address the innermost causes of your body's inadequate functioning. The device explores the electrical patterns of the tissues to see where it differs from normal. It then trains the body to help restore healthy functioning with frequencies.

What is Biofeedback

Biofeedback works with quantum physics, frequencies and energy – the machine is a direct interface between your subconscious and the computer.

The nature of biofeedback is that it pulls the information from your subconscious and brings it to the forefront, your consciousness, so that you are aware of what your body is experiencing at deep levels. With that awareness comes the power of self healing by way of mental focus.

But much more than that, the SCIO not only reads the energy of your body, it also delivers back frequencies directly to your cells, in an attempt to retrain your body’s response to a particular stressor. This, along with the power of mental intention is what forms the synergy of biofeedback. The device not only interfaces with your physical body, but also with your mental and spiritual body as well.

Stress can be defined as a physiological response that your body has to a specific stressor, for example emotions, pain, lack of sleep, viruses, food sensitivities, chemicals, etc. The list of actual stressors is quite large, especially in our modern day society./

How does your body respond to and cope with these stresses? Most are aware of a handful of their stress responses, but there are also responses happening at a deeper level that can create imbalance in your overall system.

What to Expect

At your first appointment with the Quantum SCIO a full review of reactivities will be taken. Your health history will be discussed along with your general wellbeing. All information is confidential.

You are encouraged to get comfortable and relax while you will be connected to the device via a head harness, wrist and ankle bands. From here the session will be carried out.

The session is non-invasive and pain free. Some energetically sensitive people might experience slight tingling from the head harness or very minor flashes of light. These happen sporatically only during the session, and are in response to the energy being delivered via the straps.

During the initial frequency measuring phase at the beginning of the session, the device will send more than 9000 frequencies into your body to measure the electrical response that comes back. These frequencies range from fungus, bacteria, virus, nerves, vitamins, hormones, minerals, bach flowers, organs, amino acids, enzymes, chakras, chromosomes, the spine – the list is very expanse, and it goes on.

At subsequent sessions we will dive deeper into overall stress reduction and how your body is reacting to stress. Over time, we can 'peel the energetic onion' to look for a root stressor to work with.

It is truly holistic. Our health is not just our physical body, it is so much more.


Regular biofeedback training sessions can support your body and mind with it's overall stress.
The most common response to a session is a sense of peace and calm.

The following are a few examples that have been known to improve with biofeedback and relaxation training.

  • Headaches
  • TMJ
  • Insomnia
  • Pain
  • Anxiety
  • Stomach and intestinal stress
  • Muscular tension
  • Dental stress
  • Addiction
  • Depression
  • And much more

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